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Why quality property photos are important

Why quality property photos are important

It may seem obvious, but it has become more important than ever to ensure quality photographs are used by letting agents when marketing your property.

Here’s why:

Visual viewers

With a vast increase in the use of social media platforms with people of all ages, it’s no surprise people have become ‘visual viewers’ meaning more interest is shown in imagery rather than text based advertisements. A photograph can speak a thousand words, they can create emotion and when done correctly, excitement! It is vital your property is viewed at it’s best, in a vibrant, exciting way to help create interest and find those all important tenants.

Prevent unnecessary viewings

The higher the quality of the photos and the more you use, the more likely it is that you will only get asked for viewings from people who have a genuine interest therefore removing all unnecessary viewings by people who aren’t sure of what they are looking at online.

Property quality

Say for instance, you have a property which you have spent time and money on with refurbishments and getting the property to a high livable standard, without the use of quality photography you won’t be able to showcase your investment to the public and create excitement and opportunities.

It’s expensive

Poor imagery can be an expensive mistake to make. Statistics show that the use of quality photography can increase clicks from the public by upto 32% (2018 figures) which in turn can create more interest. The longer a property is without tenants the more expensive this can be for any landlord who relies on the rental income the property produces.


With an increased number of letting agents and properties online and on portals to choose from, how do you ensure your property stands out from the rest and doesn’t just become another ‘scroll through?’ Quality properties can be easily seen when they have quality photography behind them.

Did you know?

When people hear information, they are likely to remember only 10% of the details just 3 days later. Compare this to information being received with relevant imagery, a staggering 65% more information is retained 3 days later.

Eye-tracking studies show internet readers pay closer attention to information carried images. When images are relevant the readers spend more time looking at images than they would do reading text.


Here at Foremost, we pride ourselves on ensuring your property is showcased to the best of it’s potential by ensuring your home is advertised using the best quality photographs.

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