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Moving home can be a stressful time, make sure you are fully prepared to help reduce the stress of worrying about inventory checks and receiving your deposit back.

We have put together some tips to help you get that all important deposit back when you move from a rental property.


Notice period

Check all paperwork before advising your landlord / agent that you would like to end the tenancy.
Ensure you are clear on your notice period, unless you have a private letting you will usually be required to give a month’s notice prior to your tenancy renewal.
Once you are clear on what is required from you, you will need to give your notice in writing, or an email sent from your own personal email address and ensure it has been received. Once you have confirmation it’s time to get motivated!

Who should you tell?

The postman is a good place to start – you will need to make a point of redirecting your post a good 2 weeks before you move to allow time for the redirect to take effect. It is not the responsibility of your landlord or the new tenant to forward your post to you.

Deep Clean

It’s time to put those yellow gloves on and give the property a thorough clean from top to bottom.
Ensure you do a full clean of the following areas which sometimes get missed:
• Windows
• Inside cupboards and doors
• Dust and clean all blinds / curtains
• All appliances including fridges and ovens which are part of the rental agreement
• Furniture which was part of the rental agreement
• Carpet stains
• Remove limescale and stains from the bathroom
• Garden tidy up
It is also important to ensure you have filled any holes from picture hooks and any small paint jobs which may be needed.
Don’t leave any cleaning to chance, it is the easiest way to ensure the property is left in a good condition when you move to prevent any disputes with your deposit being returned.


Ensure you find your inventory document which would have been given to you at the beginning of your tenancy. If you cannot find this document, speak to your landlord or agent as they will be able to send you a copy. Have a good look through once you have moved out to ensure nothing has been missed.
The landlord will be required to consider the length of your tenancy, the usage and general lifespan of items such as furniture and appliances.

Return the keys

Once you have all your belongings have been moved and the property has been checked thoroughly and cleaned, you will need to lock up and ensure the property is secure. All copies of the keys will need to be returned to the landlord or agent.


All of the steps will need to be completed by the end of your tenancy, once the keys have been handed over the agent or landlord will do a handover either at the property or at the agency and complete a full inventory of how the property now stands. Once this has been completed your deposit can be released.

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