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Tenant Tips for Viewings

Tenant Tips for Viewings

Congratulations, you’ve find a property you like! Now to arrange that all important viewing with your letting agent.

Foremost have put together 10 tenant tips which we feel are important questions to ask when viewing a rental property.

1. What’s the area like?

Your letting agent should have full knowledge of the area, so don’t be afraid to ask especially if you don’t know the town you’re looking to move to. What local amenities are there? Restaurants? Shopping centres? And what the local transport is like?

2. Can I decorate?

Being able to decorate can sometimes make the property feel homelier or perhaps you don’t want to have to do anything once you have moved in. It is important to ask the letting agent what the rules are if you do intend on making any changes. Some landlords won’t mind decorating, however others may not like it perhaps due to a bad experience so it is important to know what you can and cannot do once you have moved in.

3. How much are the bills?

What are you expected to pay? This can make a big difference in your monthly outgoings. Some rental costs will include all or some of the utility bills including council tax, don’t wait surprises make sure you ask the letting agent how much the bills will be and what you are expected to pay.

4. What are the neighbours like?

With your letting agent’s knowledge of the area will also come knowledge of the property and surrounding community. They should be able to advise you of any problems that they may have come accross with the neighbours.

5. How long is the rental term?

Is the property a long or short term lease? Ensure you have clarified this with the letting agent in case it is not what you have expected or looking for.

6. Rent, deposit and holding fees.

Don’t be afraid to ask about fees – confirm the monthly rental charge. Are there any bills included in the rent? How much deposit do you need, is there a holding fee and what are the administration charges?

Ensure you ask the letting agent to confirm this information so you are better able to budget.

7. How much interest has the property had?

Perhaps the property has had a lot of interest and you don’t want to miss out? Why not ask the letting agent how much interest the property has had and the type of tenants the landlord is looking for.

8. Who is responsible for managing the property?

Make sure you are aware of who is responsible for fixing any maintenance issues you have in the property. Is the letting agent going to deal with repairs directly or is this something which you will need to report directly to the landlord? With any communal areas such as gardens, ensure you ask who is responsible for maintaining these areas.

9. What is the parking like?

The letting agent will be able to inform you of how busy the parking is in the area, whether you have off road parking, street parking or access to a garage. This can be an important question if the property is in a built up area.

10. What furnishings or appliances are included?

Properties can come fully, partly or unfurnished, ensure you understand what you are getting when you rent the property.

We hope this information has been helpful, happy viewings everyone!



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