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Why you should accept pet owners

Why you should accept pet owners

Pet friendly properties are in demand! Traditionally landlords have been concerned about renting properties to tenants who have pets, fearing they will leave mess and damage to their properties. As well as the unwanted animal odours which can sometimes come along with it.

However, did you know there are benefits to renting your property to tenants who have pets?

Let’s explore!

Pet friendly properties are in demand!

51 million people in the UK are estimated to have pets! A large percentage of this are people who own dogs. By listing your property as being pet-friendly you are opening yourself up to a much broader market of tenants. Typically, pet owners tend to stay in properties for longer due to the difficulty in finding a landlord that allows pets. By allowing pets you are also reducing the risk of tenants sneaking in their animals when they have not been approved.

Are all pet owners irresponsible?

Did you know people with pets are most likely to be model tenants? If someone is mature enough to take good care of a pet, then there’s a greater chance they will treat your property with the same respect.

Did you know you could add a pet clause?

As a landlord, by adding a clause you can receive a guarantee that the tenant must professionally clean the property and remove those traces of animal odours before they leave. This can help take the pressure off wondering whether your property is being taken care of properly and allow for that extra market of tenants.


Do your checks! Landlords and agents should pay attention when doing their tenant checks. You can even ask for a reference from a previous landlord where they have lived with pets. It may also be worth asking the age of the pet, the breed and whether the animal is insured or neutered. This will give you a clear understanding of your new tenant and their pet and whether there would be any other risks involved.

Remember, pets need homes too! The market for owners with pets is always growing so allowing tenants with pets may help to prevent your property from sitting without tenants for a long time and may guarantee a steady return on the property by minimising those empty periods.

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