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Rent Protection

No more worrying about unpaid rent or legal expenses from evictions!

As a landlord it has become more important that ever to feel secure that should any problems arise with your tenants, such as failure to pay rent or costly evictions, that you are covered under Rent and Legal Protection.

Foremost Lettings can provide you with Rent and Legal Protection under a Full Management Service for all commercial and residential landlords.

How it works:

If your tenant should fall short of the rent – We will first attempt to get this settled on your behalf. Should it become apparent they won’t be making payment we will then file a claim.

Payment will then be backdated to when you first stopped receiving the rent as normal in full. The rent will then be paid to you on the rental due date in full, up until eviction has taken place or the tenant decides to leave.

The policy will cover you for £100,000 in legal expenses and will also pay to you 75% of the full rent for a following two months after the tenant has vacated the property – Allowing you time to bring the property up to standard and find new tenants so you won’t lose out due to void times.

The policy is per property and lasts 12 months. You can have as many different tenants / tenancy agreements during this policy period and it does not matter if the tenants change in this time. The policy covers the property not the tenant. There is a zero excess to pay on any claim.

The policy would belong to Foremost Lettings and is paid for through monthly management fees.

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Landlord Testimonial

`I am a professional landlord that has always used the same agent for my property management, over the years I have had to deal with various issues and suffered the loss of rent arrears on more than one occasion which has been detrimental to myself and my family. After speaking with Damon from Foremost Lettings I decided to move my portfolio in to their hands. I took out rent protection over my properties and can now rest easily knowing that I will never have to suffer the stress of losing rent payments ever again. I believe rent protection is one of the smartest investments you can make being a landlord`

Mr M. Dash

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