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BREAKING NEWS on Section 21

BREAKING NEWS on Section 21

UK Government have announced today that they are looking to ban the section 21 `no-fault` eviction notice in England & Wales. This will pose a shock and even more frustrations to landlords. Often relying on the section 21 to regain possession of their property(s). Leaving a section 8 notice the only real option which at the best of times can risk displacement in the courts.

It is now more important than ever to ensure the right tenants are being placed in your homes. Using a reputable agent that you can trust is a sure way to minimise the risk of being left foul in the hands of a `nightmare` tenant!

At Foremost we endeavour to find you the perfect tenant the first time, we carry out fully comprehensive in depth referencing for all tenants including credit checks for proof of good payment history, affordability checks to ensure the tenant(s) can afford to pay the rent as well as living expense ensuring the rent can comfortably be paid. We carry out employment checks to ensure their job security is clear and that they are being paid what the tenant is suggesting. We will carry out previous landlord checks to ensure that their previous tenancy/property was always looked after, that the rent was always paid on time, that there has never been and complaints or nuisance caused from the tenant(s).

By satisfying and covering all aspects of the referencing process including basic intuition we are confident that we are the best in what we do and will always find you the perfect tenant. To allow you to rest easy and feel secure knowing Foremost Lettings is at the forefront of your property investment.

News from the National Landlord Association – read full article here

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